What if I am a dropshipper with no location in the United States ?

At We Sell Amazing, we have set out to make shipping, of the most confusing part of dropshipping, dead
simple. Dropshippers with no facility in the US are able to have your shipment delivered directly to
Amazon’s warehouse or any other 3pl provider. Normally when shipping your items to Amazon for FBA .
Amazon provides the most cheapest reliable shipping prices from case packs to pallets.

This is how it’s done

Dropshippers are required to provide shipping labels and bills of lading created by you in your Amazon
account. If the items are required to be prepped before shipping to Amazon’s facility – we will require you
to also download and email us the product labels.
We will email you back to confirm that we have received the items needed to prep your order. Usually this
happens within 24hrs. Once we have your shipment prepped and ready you are responsible to make
contact with the freight carrier to schedule pickup from our location but if you choose ups then we will
gladly schedule a time from them to pick it up from our facility.
Typically the process starts within 2-5 business days after the invoice is paid, and orders can be expected
to arrive to be shipped to Amazon FBA or the 3pl within 5-8 business days.
Please note: We Sell Amazing does not allow shipping to PO Boxes. We may reject, or in some cases
cancel, orders if it is being shipped to a PO Box. We are enacting this policy to enforce our suppliers’
shipping policies. Our catalog includes some products that will not be able to ship to a PO Box.

Pricing is as follow:
Items for dropshipping to FBA or 3PL are price and available ONLY WITH AN APPROVED MERCHANT

  • Minimum Order $1,500 USD
  • $99 subscription fee that covers everything except your product labeling fee
  • Labeling per item is $.25 (if required by marketplace)

Once your account is set up you will have access to a selection of around 60,000 sku’s. Pricing will be
based on case packs not per unit and we are not able to break cases into units.
You must meet your minimum order of $1,500 this does not include labeling and subscription fee

Special notes about our return policy:

Supplier’s are no longer accepting buyer’s remorse returns due to the misuse on major sales
channels such as Amazon
A return request will only be approved if there was an issue with the item (damaged, or
defective.This is in effect 30 days upon receipt of items into the facility of choice.

  • Defective products may be returned within 3 months of purchase
  • Before returning a product, the customer needs to first obtain a Return Merchandise
  • Authorization from our customer service department.
  • Products must be returned in their original packaging
  • We will not accept items that have retail prices on them or partial cases.

Returns will no longer be accepted due to buyer’s remorse or the customer no longer
wanting the product.

To request a return: FILL OUT THIS FORM

Gethelp@savvybusinesss.com Or call 877-562-1131 during business hours Mon-Fri
9am-6pm/ Sat 9am-5pm/ Sun Closed

  • Products must be returned in their original packaging
  • We will not accept items that have retail prices on them or partial cases (unless if they
  • are damaged)

Please give the return to our driver or send your returns to:

Savvy Business inc Attention: RMA Product Returns 7416 Beach Channel dr Arverne NY 11692

Upon receipt of your return, Savvy Business inc will exchange, issue a credit or a refund of
the purchase price paid, subject to this policy.

Credits & Refunds

Please note that for all impacted orders, US Direct will by default issue a credit on your account unless otherwise requested. All order credits are only eligible for refund within 30 days from the credit date.

If you would like US Direct to process an RMA claim/return for an order, you must first fill out an
RMA form.

Submit RMA Form

Before submitting an RMA form, please be sure to review our return policies below:

An RMA/return claims can only be made for orders up to 30 days past the day the order was
delivered. This goes along with the policies set by our dropship supplier partners.
Once the claim has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from our team.
This will also signify that the request has been sent to the supplier for review.
You can typically expect an update on the status of your claim within 3-4 business days of
them receiving the request. During this time, if your order is eligible for a free return label,
you will receive an attachment with the label. There may be instances where this is delayed
or we request additional information.

We expect a resolution for each claim within 15 days of being sent to the supplier. If the
supplier does not provide a response to the claim after numerous attempts of communication
during that time frame, the claim will be closed.
Once the process of reviewing an RMA claim is completed and the supplier approves the
return, you will have 7 business days to send the package back to us for a credit.
For return packages, you will receive an email with the our return address along with the
RMA # to reference. Please be sure that it is visible on the box. You will also need to provide
your own return label unless you are eligible for one (See the Growth/Premier Dealer
Eligibility at the bottom of the page.)
Please be sure to provide us with the tracking number when returning a package. This will be
the only evidence sufficient in proving the delivery of the returned package.
Credit will be applied to your account within. We Sell Amazing’s Portal once we approved the
RMA for credit and confirmed they received the package.(Note Amazon FBA Sellers) it is
your responsibility to ensure UPCs are mapping to the appropriate ASIN listing.